With this inaugural video on Employee Perception Deep Dives, Perception Strategies is launching a series of videos designed to improve the patient experience called The Patient Experience Toolbox. Long known for its work in healthcare mystery shopping, Perception Strategies is making healthcare providers aware of a proven process that dives deep into the barriers that cause healthcare employees to veer off course and not deliver expected service. Employee interviews, a focus on engagement, process and style, an accountability plan for managers, and weekly action reminders are a hallmark of the Deep Dive program.

As CEO Brooke Billingsley explains in the video, β€œThe number one most important thing to employees is meaningful work. So if you can take barriers away, you can create a more focused, receptive and contented workforce.”

Contact Brooke Billingsley at 317-546-0970 or [email protected] to hear how Employee Perception Deep Dives will benefit your organization.