Staying innovative is imperative in today’s competitive healthcare market.  The new Perception Strategies’ website launched this week better reflects the perception research services needed to support healthcare clients as they strive to improve the patient experience.

 “There are many angles from which the patient experience can be studied,” said Perception Strategies’ CEO, Brooke Billingsley, “but at the core of what we do is to help healthcare providers understand, manage and improve the perception patients have of them.”

For nearly 16 years, Perception Strategies primary focus has been healthcare mystery shopping.  “That won’t change,” Billingsley said, “Its just that we now have the ability to study other facets of the patient experience like employee satisfaction barriers, patient environments, and direct observation of staff communication with patients in the clinical setting.  We are equipped to apply the appropriate research discipline to achieve the client’s desired results.”

Exclusively serving healthcare clients since 1998, Indianapolis-based Perception Strategies has conducted over 100,000 healthcare mystery shops.