Real patient situations in real time.  Testing what you hope to discover, verifying what you already think you know, and revealing new insights to help you improve.  

Our healthcare mystery shopping studies behavior and process, and evaluates your organization’s adherence to your own prescribed values and standards. We also identify behavioral characteristics of high and low performers to be used in motivating and coaching employees.  

To date we have conducted over 150,000 healthcare mystery shops since 1998, making Perception Strategies a proven leader in the study of the Patient Experience.

We conduct ongoing programs to show continuous progress or benchmark studies to isolate specific concerns. We also highly encourage clients to shop competitors in order to gain valuable insight. 

Our shoppers are first and foremost consumers. They provide the depth of who, what, when, where and how in each shopping report. However, just like your patients, they are not trained on the ins and outs of healthcare protocol.

Healthcare mystery shopping is designed to shine a spotlight on your organization's shortcomings, but it is also important to identify extraordinary employee behavior as well. Each of our studies features recognition of exceptional performance from the patient or consumer's perspective.  We call it the The Extra Mile Award, and we have honored thousands of recipients over the years.  


How do you determine exactly what the patient or consumer experience is so that you can take action to improve it?  The answer is healthcare mystery shopping.  Below are many of the ways we get at the heart of your perception issues.  Give us a call to discuss the right approach for you. 

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  • Customized Appointment Calls (Access Studies)
  • Customer Service Calls
  • Competitor Calls
  • Pricing Transparency Calls
  • Process Shops
  • In-Person Shops
  • Observation Shops
Our organization used Healthcare Mystery Shopping to improve our patient satisfaction scores in both our ED and on our In-Patient Units. Originally, we made inquiries of 84 mystery shopping companies who indicated that they did healthcare mystery shopping. We then interviewed 26 of those companies and chose three finalists. We are pleased to say we chose Perception Strategies based on their level of expertise working only in the healthcare arena. Not only was their body of work to date impressive, but they were able to align us with other similar-sized healthcare systems before beginning our study to give our physicians and administrators the confidence to move forward. Perception Strategies gave us the kind of information in real time that allowed us to begin making changes immediately.
— Oakwood Health System

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